3 wks –

We slept in for a bit this a.m. + made love for the first time in a week – the non drinking seems to have cut down on this alot which seems a pity. Dick went down to the office around 9:30 or so. I read the script to “getting Away From it all.” – cute – a little old fashioned My character appears 3 times – but one line. I called Leon again. He says Russ Brown said he’d “build the part up”??? I said I’d wait til Monday then when he talks to him. I went to the Blvd and bought some Christmas cards a new pair of shoes, some yeast tablets to replace the powder. some health cookies and some pepper + salt shakers at a little store that’s closing out. Bought a wallet for me + one for Ana + then a purse and a tote bag for Ana. Went to The Landmark Towers and played for a couple of hours. Won $50. Safeway next. Got Birthday cake, groceries + wrapping paper. Came home + put a $20 in the wallet in the purse in the bag. Ana + Armando had Paco over for dinner. Dick + I as usual ate in the living room + then we all had cake in the kitchen. Watched TV + went to bed about 10. Watched (I only sporadically) a horror movie of the week w/Dennis Weaver (a death chase on the highway + too gruesome to look at) All other characters very minor + I had second thoughts about the one line bit. Oh well.