Went to Juvenile – arrived as Angie was talking with someone about a 13 month old baby who’d been put in a hospital for malnutrition + neglect. 16 yr. old mother who’d left it alone until neighbors in the motel finally called protective services. Had overpowering desire to try to get the child but it was momentary – I guess. Asked Angie about Monday’s meeting + said I didn’t want to go – talked to Inman who feels the same way but we’re going – Placed a couple of new people + did little else. Bill Gang + Larry Dehlar in which was nice. Saw Linda. Afterwards went to yarn shop on Charleston + bought some red yarn + bobbins for Ana and material for ties for Dick – Christmas. Discovered Ana’s birthday was 2 days ago + noone had mentioned it. Oh Lord. Went by the office – now that the pool is out the place looks twice as big + not as empty as I would have thought. Went to the Showboat + won about 45 or 50 dollars but it took 3 hours. Home [crossed out words] We had chicken livers cooked by Dick for dinner Very sad letter from Rich Ware’s secretary, Evelyn MacArthur. He’s moving permanently to a sanatarium in Pasadena + is dividing up his things now – He’s giving me “Diary of a Daley Debutante.” Also got script from Leon. One line. Was near tears. Called him + said I didn’t want to do it but would call him tomorrow morning.