Had planned to go to Breakfast at the Blvd today but didn’t sat + knitted instead – I have about 10 or 12 more squares to go and want to get that damn blanket finished – Redesigned the door square + knit it. The original came out the size of a table cloth thanks to too much detail. Went to the International + lost. Went over to the Blvd + got some date cookies. Saw Eddie Hall briefly. Then to the market. Big kleig light outside the Park Lane theatre – Gala Premiere tonight of “Something Big” – Dean Martin – Brian Keith etc. Home Jimmy Judge came over – just in time for dinner which has become a joke – But we had plenty (porterhouse steaks) + were delighted to see him. He may have something exciting in the offing but at any rate he’s leaving town shortly for N.Y. + Alabama I’d thought he’d left – Promised to keep in touch. Dick went to bed early. I shortly after. Mary called + we chatted for a bit. I told her I’d be in soon + she wanted us to come for Thanksgiving but I don’t think it’s possible.