Up early. Dick said he thought I ought to get busy interviewing Virginia O’Brien so I called Virginia Martindale’s office + left a message. Drew outline for a door square + cut out lining for bag. Alice called + I made lunch date. Went to Sprouse Reitz, Sav-on + Safeway + then to Alice’s at 11:30 for lunch. We played spite and malice and I borrowed Alice’s machine to sew up lining. My bag doesn’t look the least bit like Raeleta’s + although I don’t think it looks bad, I like hers alot better. I went over to the store because Dick had said very pointedly that I never came in anymore and when I did he was up to his neck in work. I felt extra + unwanted which was stupid + went back to Alice’s. One more game and then home Virginia called at six with Virginia O’s home number. Don Schwartz is her agent! I sewed the lining together. Am feeling very depressed.