Terrible night. Dick woke me up about 3 o’clock + was in ghastly pain. Didn’t know what to do. Got him some peppermint tea which helped a little – wish Bentley had given him a diet. Read some of Adelle Davis’s book which talks about yeast + lecithin + B complex + E Didn’t get back to sleep til almost 5:30. Went over to Joyce’s at 9:30. She called Bentley to make an appt. for Jack Stopped by the house to pick up her plates + then we went to Circus – Circus. We won a little at 21 + then she went to play the slots. I lost + lost + then cashed a check. Suddenly got lucky + won back the check and about $50 more than I’d had to start with- Called Dick who had an appt. Went to the Blvd + The health Store. Got powdered yeast, lecithin + date cookies. Also a dumb book about the liver  Got groceries at the Blvd Market + came home. Dick not back til 6:30 – Sold a $7200 pool. Wow! Also even better, no recurrence of last night’s pain. TV and early bed.