Pleasant sunday. Dick off to the store after making date with Jack + Joyce. I made bed + worked at desk. finished letter to Daddy + called him – reached him with 2 crucial minutes to play in football game – so called back after his team won. I finished the puzzle, knit one Manhattan square + finished crocheting the bag. Casey called to ask us out on their boat but I said we couldn’t make it. Janet Goldsmith called + they got the results of Jim’s tests. He has cancer – 2 to 5 yrs. Oh dear – What to say. Blocked bag on old piece of plywood. Dick back with ribs + beans. Went to J + J’s + played poker. Dick had appt at 3 o’clock so went + came back. The ribs weren’t too good. tasted funny – We won at poker. Wade + Mike both boarding at J + J’s + I think it’s a bit of a strain. Came home about 7. Watched a little TV and went to bed.