2 wks.

Dick off to the store fairly early. I went to the tropicana + played 21 – lost $200 + then came back and left ahead by almost $100 – But took 5 hours – Stupid way to spend the day. Went grocery shopping + came home. Washed + blocked some squares + Armando’s socks. Dick home + quite upset over a gas bill from Howard Davies – Seems Shirley charged 3 tankfuls for the oldsmobile while we were away. As we were lending her the car to begin with that seems a little much. And Tom charged about $40 for his girlfriend’s car and that’s more than a little much. I don’t blame Dick for being upset. We took a nap + ate [crossed out letter] piece meal. Watched All in the family before going to Shirley’s birthday party for Carl. Met a pleasant couple – Wayne + Kochko Barker. Saw Jack + Joyce + I made a date with Joyce for Monday. Nice girl named Georgia Saw Dick Koch + Herbie Ott but not much chance to visit. Rather a swinging party and as we weren’t swinging we left early (10:30) – Home, some TV + bed.