Went to Juvenile complex did some telephoning for orientation next week. Then took Alice’s book back to library (nearly impossible to find with freeway) Went by the office – to say hello. Bought some material to line the crocheted purses. (first not finished) Went to Sprouse Reitz for more rug yarn + needles for Dick Bought wallet for Carl’s birthday and grocery. Home – no mail wrote Timmy + mailed him copy of “Into the Shadows” – We had fried chicken for dinner and it was delicious. I weigh 123 1/2 now and that seems to be a new plateau. Dick’s trying to cut down on sweets as he’s gaining a little weight again. I finished Shirley’s purple stole. We went to bed early – Reading Carlotta Monti’s book on W.C.Fields. Taught Dick how to knit + started him on a square!