Up early. washed hair – Dick off in his wedding suit + sideburns at 7:15. I got to the store at 8:10. Shirley came + we all went over to Dave’s for a quick briefing. Then in to court. Saw John Carpenter in the lobby. God he’s repulsive but he looked on edge + Mort Galane was not so buddy buddy after all. Got the feeling he’s had enough of Carpenter for a while. Got in to court – first 2 cases were dropped + continued + [crossed out letter] we were up. Galane said he needed an hour and a half and O’Donnell was obviously annoyed Postponed again – Must now be put on the calendar as a “minor trial” ?!? I looked for Carribean pools but couldn’t find them. Went shopping Found some interesting items at Pier #1 Didn’t have much money with me so will go back. looked at Christmas Cards. I miss Ben Wright at this time of year so much! Home about 4:30 – We ate early today – both of us tired. Watched some TV and then bed.