Early morning at desk – paid S.A.G. Equity, Aftra, Hayes + Christmas fund, Renewed Horizon subscription + Nat’l Geographic and sent gift subs to Henry Raymond + Wendy again. Went to Landmark + did zilch. No good no bad. and it took a long time. Dick knew I was going so I told him I lost as it eases my conscience over Monday’s losses Actually on the whole I’m so much luckier than not. Dick got Timmy’s story “Into the Shadow” copied on the Zerox. Shirley is back + had a very good time. We had lobster tails for dinner. Dick called Bentley who told him there had been liver damage and that if he’d gone on a few more months he’d be dead! But it’s reparable at this stage. Thank God Thank God. Gave him some tranquilizers. Mary called and Sue + Bob have bought a place in Mendocino – 2 acres. She (Sue) was extremely happy and Mary felt great about it. Sue’s coming back to see her again so I guess the “disaster” wasn’t. Bed about 10 – Court tomorrow – Harold called + issue six is in the works – he got $200 the other day which is a big step forward! Wants a story on Virginia O’Brien