Day began with a call from Dick who’d left early – Cavanaugh in N.Y. said he’d let us out of the lease [crossed out letters] at the end of [crossed out word] December we can have the office down the hall for $250 – Whee. Lowers overhead $400 on rent alone. Went to Tropicana + won $200 – Went grocery shopping, locked keys in trunk, got them out thanks to a kindly garage man + went to Alice’s for a luncheon to learn how to crochet a handbag. Raeleta Newman the teacher. Anabel, Clair Shear, Lucille Loretta Bowman, Ruth Slavin + Helen (whose last name I don’t know) and several others. I worked out small sample of bag and can’t wait to try it. Went to Ward’s later in search of yarn – nothing. Went to Showboat + won another hundred. Went home. Quiet evening watched TV, finished one purple stole Bed early. Went to Bank + deposited money in Hsehld acct + wired some to N.Y.