Admissions Day – so Banks all closed – Washed my hair, did the Cashword puzzle – only 1 solution as it’s like playing Keno anyway. Paid gigantic Am. Express bill ($636) and Phone and service then went over to the multinational + lost $200. It took a long time but I just couldn’t get ahead no matter what I did. Went over to the Landmark + cashed a N.Y. check (am $300 overdrawn as I’d cashed one at the International) Went to the store + came home about 4:30. Lovely note from Yvonne White and a cassette from Timmy which was a nice surprise. We had a good evening (they’ve all been good since we stopped drinking) + went to bed early. Hard to get used to Daylight’s saving’ [crossed out words] being over. Did not tell Dick about losing the money. We went to look at a possible [crossed out letters] office at the New Desert Inn Shopping center but exhorbitant price.