We woke early – not in time yet with the new time. Futzed about the house + then went to Sambo’s for breakfast and Home Lumber for a few odds + ends. Got to the office at 11:30 and stayed til 3:45. Dick had put an ad in the paper for a free heater with every pool put in in November. No leads came in alas but several customers + we did about $50. Dick wants to get the small office down the hall. I knitted all day – did 2 apple tree squares which seem to take forever! We stopped at the shopping bag and bought 2 porterhouse steaks which Dick fixed for dinner. He finished Lansky and I finished “House on the Straw” [crossed out letters] Dick very jumpy – said he needs some miltowns. Ana + Armando went out for dinner We went to bed very early Dick down to 183. That’s 14 lbs less than last Saturday!