1 week –

Another day of puzzle – will be glad when the damn thing’s done but have no excuse for the amt. of time I put in on it. Today is the first week Anniversary of not drinking and though Dick was a little edgy this afternoon he’s been pretty wonderful Has lost 12 lbs so far. Mayor Grayson decided today was the official Halloween So we made our Jack o’lanterns and put them out front. Ana + Armando  did the shopping today. Armando gave me a hundred + fifty dollars too. Ana + I fixed trick or treat bags – made an extra large one for Dick. Ed Kubick over with big false nose ferrying Nathalie, Trina + Doug Ashby across the street. Later Bill Morris came by with four of his children. Had hoped Wendy would show with the kids but she didn’t We went to bed early. Newcomb called at 11 – to say Boo! Also spoke to Larry. Newcomb’s going to Europe for 3 weeks – think it’s a great idea.

Daylight saving over tonight.