Well Thank God. I cracked the 125 plateau today. Weighed 124. Am aiming for 115 – 117 + think I should be able to do it in about a month or so. I spent about 3 hrs. this a.m. working on the puzzle. Am dying to get it finished + out of the way. Called the power Co. and our bill is going to be $103 – zap! I called Child Haven + spoke with Libby who was working and Angie (who also is forgoing the pool this trip) and Bill Gang who has several dramatics programs lined up. Went at 12:30 to play spite and malice with Alice. Good time. I lost 14¢ by the time the day was out but Lucille Brown finished up Alice’s hand. She + two other ladies dropped in about 3 – I left at 3:20 + went by the Safeway. Listened to Orson Welles + the Mercury Players Invasion from Mars on [crossed out letters] Eddie Hall’s show. Dick home when I got back. We read + napped a little and then watch TV and had staggered dinners as Dick had a sandwich when he came home. I called Elizabeth Waldthausen to get more info on her Dad to write Daddy. We called Leon who was happy to hear us. Shirley called from N.Y. and wanted 2 more days. Letter from Pat Frederick’s office + I guess Shirley has really been remiss on the books although I think It was too big an Operation to do all she had to do. Went to bed around 10. Dick reading Lansky + intrigued.