Wow – Freezing weather + high winds (they peaked at 49 mph) temperature around 40 – 45. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd wrapped my copy of “W.C. Fields + me” for Lucy Elaine ran into the store + gift wrapped a copy of wisps of mist. We sat with Lucy + her friend, Margaret Griswold – Lucy completely surprised at the cake + gifts – tears etc. Went to B. Dalton after + got a copy of “Lansky” for Dick – another copy of W.C. Fields + me and a Dick Tracy anthology. Made date with Alice for S + M tomorrow. Went + saw Ann Hall – showed her Cotton’s story “The Worm, the Beetle + the Snail” which she loved. Her son Greg is going to write me a letter about “The Lion.” I ate a high-protein diet bar and went over to the Landmark tower. Played 21 for 2 hours and came out even. Came home after shopping + laid out afghan. Not too happy with it but guess it will be okay. Not as gay + colorful as Dick’s by a long shot. Need two more apple tree squares and they take forever. Nice letter from Daddy and one from Annie. A long with a pile of bills. Dick [crossed out letter] said Bentley told him he’d done the right thing stopping the booze. He could feel Dick’s liver this trip and he took a “liver panel.” Told Dick not to drink at all. Dick seemed to feel very well about the visit. We had a another nice pleasant evening and a lovely pork dinner. Our end of the house freezing as the heaters not working.