Diet N.L.

Well today I was wicked. Had several hundred things I meant to do + did none. We got up at the crack of dawn and I went + played 21 – Watch stopped (it truly did) and I didn’t call Alice with whom I was supposed to have lunch til 1:30!! The soufflé had been eaten – alas. Got there around two and we played 3 games of spite and malice and then I went to the Blvd and left a copy of my book with Eddie Hall to give Ann. Did shopping at the Boulevard market and got some gorgeous meat. Home about 4:40. Had passed Dick on Eastern Ave so he didn’t expect me earlier. We listened to another installment of the course and I finished Mary Jean’s stole – (not the fringe.) Started Shirley’s. Called Ann Hall + she’s going to have a little cake for Lucy Scott tomorrow. Spoke with Alice + we’re going to sign a card + gift tomorrow. We watched TV and went to bed about 10. Dick’s being marvelous.