Diet no liquor

Up early. Made 3 painstaking facsimilis of the Cashword puzzle. Am submitting four possible solutions with 2 words in question (to my mind.) wrote Neva a note + packaged the three books for her. Sent David Cleveland a birthday card with $10.00. Took a check for $300.00 and went to Dave’s office. Nice visit with Mary. They have a new lawyer in the office – Farkas – and are very happy with him – Also a new + efficient receptionist. Both Dave + Mary look well + rested. Gave Dave the money + he said he’d straighten out the business for Armando. Met Jay Orlando there who’s interested in a filter + pool sweep. Went to the P.O. to mail pkge + letters. Then to the Castaway’s. Casino closed for remodeling. I went across the street to the Sands and played a little 21. Blah. Bought groceries + came home. Called Dick at the office. Had to wait some time to talk to him + then he told me he’d had 4 scotches. I believed him + was very upset. When he came home he was fine – hadn’t had a drop and was upset that I’d thought he had. Called Bentley’s office + made an appt. for Thursday at 3 for Dick. Cassie called to say hello + gave me two new suggestions for squares – a door + a pie. Quiet evening – listened to the selling program. Watched TV and went to bed early. [crossed out words] Worked on puzzle.