Diet – no liquor

Today is now veteran’s day which used to be Armistice day which it isn’t anyway because that’s the 11th of November. I don’t like this highhanded shuffling of holidays about. Dick went to the office – weighed 188 this am – the actual weight loss will be slow but the bloat is gone and he looks and feels a world better. His ankles are close to normal. I spent the early A.M. doing the [crossed out letter] Sun Cash word puzzle. Shades of Dotti + 45th St. Started Ana on a full sized square I only have 14 to go now on the Van Kirk blanket Went to the International to play 21 and went steadily down. Cashed two checks for a hundred each and went in with $50 so was down [crossed out word] about $225 when the tide turned and I started to win. I left $100 richer with both checks bought back after 4 1/2 [crossed out letters] hours. Was playing conservatively the whole time (after such a bad start the 100 seemed like a thousand!) Went to the Safeway for groceries + came home. Dick already here. We started the puzzle that Ana + Armando gave us. It’s so glorious to have Dick bright-eyed in the afternoon. Shirley called from New York collect. Having a good time. Jack forgot to put in the hydrostatic relief valve on the commercial pool. It’s in the specs and we could get in trouble. I put the fringe on Luese’s Stole and that’s another xmas present finished – Whee. Started Mary Jean’s. We watched TV til about 9 + then I gave Dick a shave + we went to bed. His sideburns are very good looking.