Diet no liquor

Today Dick weighed 187!!! 10 pounds of bloat dropped off. I think such a spectacular loss won’t continue but if we work at it we’ll get him back in shape. I’m down to 126 by starving and plan to hit 117 before I stop. I got up early + knitted another apple tree square. Have ideas for all sorts of apple tree items – runners, placemats etc. We went down to the office to [crossed out letters] get some more information on the pool + came back right away as we expected Danny + Diane Henderson. They called in the half hour we were out so we didn’t get together until 5 o’clock + then very briefly. It was another extremely quiet day. Dick ate more but we had no alcohol and he kept his legs up. I finished Leuse’s Stole except for the fringe which I’ll do tomorrow. I had a diet dinner and Dick pieced. We watched TV til our eyes were glassy + then watched some more. Scotty called (had just spoken with Cassie) and I’m afraid I sounded a little down. Leon called and [crossed out letter]  asked if I’d be interested in doing a play in San Diego – 4 weeks Well I would + I wouldn’t. Nice chat however We listened a little to Danny Henderson’s salesman ship course. We’re going to start doing it on a regular basis