Diet no liquor –

This morning Dick weighed 197 lbs. and was terribly bloated. Made him stay in bed. Which he agreed to happily. I wrote Luese with her check and wrote B’day cards with money to Larry, Patsy + Abby. I went of to the store to pick up some plans for the commercial pool + after getting groceries took them over to Danny Henderson in Paradise crest. Left them with a helper The pool they were working on was the biggest private pool I’ve ever seen. Enormous and I understand cost $16,000. Wow. Listened to a football game on the way home + right out of the box I lost my parley! Notredame defeated by U.S.C. Came home + we watched TV Dick suggested I make an apple tree square for the Van Kirk blanket as they used to have one at home. I designed one + then knitted it up. It took ages but is the prettiest square I’ve ever made. I was delighted. We lay outside for a little and took everything very easy – no drinking at all today + Dick ate very little. Took his pills and by the time we went to bed his ankles were perceptibly thinner. Strange business + I’ll be very relieved when Dr. Bentley gets a look at him.