Up early. Dick off to the office. I started Leuse’s blue stole + went to Juvenile. Did absolutely nothing there except place my bet on the football parley and talk to Angie Leverett about everything + anything. Had a nice time + left at noon Went to Alice’s + had some soufflé + salad for lunch before playing Spite and Malice. The Las  Vegas version has many variations but none to difficult to grasp. Pat Moore came over + we had a gay little visit before resuming the game. Dick home early because his legs hurt. Alice said she’d noticed his Ankles and wondered I came home at 4:30 Dick had nothing to drink + had his legs up – all swollen and puffy + a ferocious purple. He’d taken a non-prescriptive water pill. Finally at 6:30 he said he wanted some wine as his legs were killing him + Armando went to get a bottle which we halved with dinner. I’m beginning to get very worried and so is Dick. He’s promised to see Bill Bentley on Tuesday. If there’s anything really wrong – and I’m beginning to think there must be – we’d better get at it We watched TV and I knitted and finished off a pile of squares. Only 18 left to go. Bed about 9:30 or 10. Finished Armando’s socks.