Diet –

We went to bed so early last night we woke at 2 and made love and went back to sleep Up again at 7 – Ed Rakeman the plumber came at 8 o’clock + was fast + thorough. Jeffrey had dropped a recessed closet door handle down the toilet – the cost was $15.30 which given the price of plumbers was very reasonable. His wife is Shirley’s aunt – coincidence! Tried to reach [crossed out letter] Alice + Ruth Hazard to say I couldn’t get to Breakfast at the B. today but missed them both. I finished both of Armando’s socks + crocheted in the the ends. The meter reader came at 11:30. Dick made a mistake the last time but they’d made one originally. The upcoming bill (for 2 months) will be a big one. I wrote Peggy Pope with Check for $5.00 for tickets and I called Druscilla for quick chat. Sent Timmy the A.A. Dick home at one and I gave him a shave He took a nap + I left. Went to bank and got some money – thence to Sears where I got some whiskey colored yarn + looked unsuccessfully for a play pen. Bought Birthday cards at Hallmarks, went to Wonder World + lost some money in the slot machine + saw Daisy. Safeway + home. Have a date tomorrow to play Spite ‘n’ Malice with Alice after C.S.G. (Libby Bargiel called + has a cold!) Dick home drunk + I was very annoyed Had nice dinner, watched TV and went to bed + read Dick says tomorrow he’s going to stop drinking.