Well – a poor sort of day although it started out well. Dick + I went over near the Hughes air terminal to see a demonstration of the “hy-ram” on caliche – nobody got there til about 8 o’clock (we were there at 7:30) and it was all a bit spit + shoelaces – inadequate tractor etc. But it was overwhelmingly plain that the hammer couldn’t cut it with the caliche. After I went over to the Hacienda and had trouble cashing a check which bugged the hell out of me. Probably would have been better if I couldn’t! Because I cashed + lost a hundred dollars in dreary up + down type playing. Then went to the Tropicana + lost some more. I know why too – because at the moment I really want to win. Dave has told Dick that for $300 he can get Armando off completely. (as it is his case has been postponed til January.) They got news last night in a special delivery from Ana’s mother that their residency papers have been processed + that they’ll be eligible in April. Dick received his check from Daddy today (“one dollar only”) to pay his “just debts” I had a nice letter from Cordy Richards – her cousin is going to be the new Episcopal (I presume) minister in New London. We had a nice meatloaf for dinner and went to bed + read for a while at seven o’clock!! To think I was [crossed out letters] once a “N.Y. Actress” who never saw dawn before 10:30 or 11 am!