Up early + did some desk work. Paid Dr. Richman (1250!!!) and American Express + M.P.S. Went to Bank of Nevada and deposited my ris check + bought a $400 check for Luise. Deposited $200 in our savings acct at Valley Bank. Went to the Safeway for a leg of lamb + other groceries and to the Post office to register a letter + buy stamps. Home about 1:30. Called Power Co. + the Meter reader is coming out on Thursday. There’s been a real mixup on the bill. About 2:30 or 3:00 I went over to the thunderbird and left a note for Les. Played 21 and lost about $60 over a period of time. Les came out of his meeting to say he’d be late + I borrowed $50 from him. Won that back at least. Called Dick to say we’d be home late. Got here around 5:45 with a wine stop at the 7-11. (Gallo Hearty Burgundy was the best they had.) Had a pleasant visit with Les and a very good dinner. We called Mary + she reminded me of Sunday’s call in which she’d told me she’d heard that Doug + Joan Forde were getting a divorce. Not verified but oh dear I hope it’s not true. If ever there was a man who deserved some happiness it’s Doug. We took Les to the airport, stopped briefly at the Valley Bar + came home. Glass of wine + bed.