Day began with hangover + memory of the C.S.G. luncheon. Dick in a bad humor. He took the VW to work as Armando was staying home. Les called from the airport around 9:30. Evidently I’d promised to meet him. How simply grand. I gave myself a facial + washed my hair. Called Alice to say I’d meet her at the Plaza hotel. Got my self put together + drove downtown. The luncheon being held in the UP room. Asked one of the change girls where that was + she got hysterical. Thought I wanted the ladies room. Finally got there. Alice’s table full but I sat with Helen Willis, Genevieve Lunnis + Mabel Isetta. Very pleasant. Saw Annabel + Inman + Stella + Lucille Brown + Angie + lots of other people Met Elizabeth Waldthausen who lives near us + [crossed out letters] whose father at 92 is a retired orthopdeic surgeon who has just been named “Dr. of the century.” We exchanged father’s names + addresses + phone numbers. Jim Carmany, Judge Mendoza, Ken Dalton, + Linda Tarr all spoke + it was a very good + interesting meeting. The new model of Child Haven very impressive. After I played a little 21 and won a hundred dollars Came home via the office. Pat Fiedike, the acct. there + I invited him to dinner. Went shopping + came home. Dick was stiff + sore (he’d gone horseback riding at J + J’s yesterday) and went to bed. [crossed out letter] Pat came at 6 + we had a good talk. He thinks everything is in order but that the books must be brought up to date + we must get out of the retail business. After he left, Dick got up + had his dinner. Bed early.