Pittsburgh won today – 2-1 + won the series.

Day began with Dick reminding me that Armando was in jail. I’d forgotten. Then the phone rang + it was Armando. His car had been totaled out on the freeway and he was hurt. Dick was furious with the policeman from last night who’d neglected to mention anything about Armando’s being hurt. It’s one of the reasons so many people get so angry with the police [crossed out letters] + it’s a pity when they turn even their supporters against them by such behavior. Dick called Jack to go with him + Ana + I waited. I told Ana not to be angry with Armando whatever happened + so had Dick and so did Nelda. It took Dick + Jack almost 2 hrs. to get him out + see to the car. Dick said it was a miracle Armando is alive. There’s nothing left to the car. A rear tire flew off on the f’way + the car flipped over several times. Armando had been drinking with Paco but not very much according to Paco + the officer had given him no tests. He was badly bruised and bloody + clothes all torn + shoes missing. Probably a few cracked ribs. Dick + I went over to J + J’s to watch the final game of the series. Tom there and Joyce’s nephew Wade Morgan – What a game Clemente hit a home run with nobody on. What a series he’s had! And the pirates won 2-1. Dick called Daddy who said he’d send the dollar. We had 3 or 4 drinks there and came home + demolished the rest of Sunday.