Baltimore won 3-2. Series tied

Slept late. Watched baseball game – Baltimore won – alas, alack, but very close game. I started knitting some musical squares for the Michels blanket and thought they looked pretty nice. Dick had some pool plans to draw up so I went down to the store with him + knitted + read an Agatha Chrisite while he worked. Debbie Fletcher a perfectly nice girl but woefully unenthusiastic type the Mall dead as always. Came home at 5 + went over to Ed + Casey’s for drinks and dinner. Got pretty smashed + never did play pool although later, Dale + Clark Isom Jr. came by + they + Dick + Eddie played. When we came home a policeman called Dick + told him Armando was in jail for drunk driving. That’s all he told him + hung up. Dick decided to leave him there to sleep it off + told Ana not to worry.