Dick off by 6:45 – I called Annie Sullivan + got tickets for Carl + Shirley on the 26th – The tickets for James + Jean were free – Whee! She leaves before Shirley gets there – said she’d call from Denver. Called Harold – Still no money and it looks as though the whole thing might fold if it doesn’t come through in the next few days. Said he’d call. Wants a story on Virginia O’Brien. Next I called Peggy Pope and she’s getting tickets for Shirley + Carl on the 28th + said she’d see them afterwards We had nice chat – she’s going to Druscilla’s opening next week. Went to Juvenile Court – Angie + Bill Fain had seen “Smith Family” – worked on the football party. Libby Bargiel came in to be trained and  – My God – she was so efficient she could have trained me in a minute. She asked to “have a try” at doing things so as a result did everything. Was happy to let her. Next stop the Showboat as per agreement with Dick. Sat there for 3 1/2 hours and won about $4.00 but met a nice lady, Dolores Henley who has a “stop + go on Desert Inn + Sandhill. Checked in with Dick several times + made arrangements to pick up Alice at 6:30. Left at 4:30 – stopped at Safeway + came home. Called Druscilla – Mary Jean had sent her $20 of her winnings which was pretty damn nice of her + had raved about Dick + our house + the dogs + me. Called Shirley + gave her the theatre details. She seemed very pleased. Dick home just before six a trifle worse for wear. Gave him a shave + we went to pick up Alice. Took her to the Jungle Club + thence to Dr. Zhivago – the place was jammed + Alice ended up in the back + we sat in the 5th row. God what a gorgeous movie. We all cried, got together at intermission, went back + cried again. Took Alice home + had some wine with her. Home at 1:30.