Pittsburgh won 4-0 Ho Ho Ho.

Woke stiff + sore but a little better Called Jimmy at his office about Shirley. He’s got 40 women coming from New Hampshire at the same time but said he’d be glad to see her. Went to Breakfast at the Blvd. Nice time with Alice, Ruth Hazard, Vera Ward (?) + Lucy Scott. [crossed out words] Ruth presented Ann with an “Ann Hall Fan Club” folder with many signatures. Had left a place on top for me + Alice to sign which we both thought was very gracious. It turned out at the end that Lucy Scott had been Betty Davis’ hairdresser at Warners + had worked for Warners 40 years! She was telling Alice what to do about thinning hair when I left. Heard Bob Robertson’s of the Pirates hit a home run in the first inning as I drove home. Went back to bed with Dick + we watched the game. Pittsburgh could do no wrong and won 4-0. The orioles could do no right. We called Daddy twice. Made love to celebrate, [crossed out word] Pat Sullivan called to say his key wouldn’t fit + Dick explained. Pat denied Dick off about 1:15 and I left shortly after. Went to Safeway + got an M.O. for Armandos IRS payment + mailed it. Bought groceries + took laundry. Next stop the International. Won $100 minus a few tips + one keno ticket. Home before Dick. Called the Graysons nice chat with Neva who’s going to send back the mysteries I gave her by mistake. We had a good steak dinner (Dick ate next to nothing) and watched TV. Ana + Armando went to “The Late Show” sale at the Blvd. We went to bed pretty early. We’ve invited Alice to go see Dr. Zhivago with us tomorrow night.