Pittsburgh won 4-3. First night game of the World Series in history!

Thoroughly lost day. Must have fallen down last night because my left hip + leg were almost unbelievably immobilized. Pain, Pain, Pain. Dick pretty nice about it however (+ when he came home in the afternoon was sober so maybe it served a purpose). I spent the day in bed reading + from time to time drinking something cold. Spoke with Alice + am meeting her tomorrow. She’d called at nine and I didn’t remember  a word I’d said so had to call her back + say so. Wally Pinjuv called + I explained about the Graysons + told him to bring the check by the house. Tried to reach Neva + Herman without success. My top came from the College Sportshop. Dick home about 4:30. He’d learned from Danny Henderson that Pat Sullivan had approached 4 or 5 subcontractors + was planning to go into business himself. I agree with Dick that Danny has no axes to grind + is as honest as the day etc. Dick ordered the locks changed + that’s that. I spoke with Shirley who was as surprised as I. (not that either of us love Pat.) We called Daddy to tell him I was on TV [crossed out letters] tonight but also not to bother because of the ball game. He said maybe Dick was going to come into some wealth they’ve got a dollar bet on this game. And what a game it was. It started out terribly with Baltimore getting 3 runs in the top of the first They changed pitchers + put in a 21 yr old. named Kison who held the Orioles to one hit in 6 1/2 innings. The Pirates went on to win – Whee. Smith Family a hideous anti-climax!