Pittsburgh won 5-1

Up early. Baseball game on at 10 o’clock so sat down at my desk + got alot done. Paid Mystery Guild, Profiles, exterminator garbage, College Sportshop. Wrote Carson City for Armando, wrote Rae O’Dell, Pinecraft. Sent money to United Fund. called P+C Construction + called Mary. Last night just a hassle because of the tension of Les’ two jobs. Called Frontier Roseland + ordered flowers to be sent to Les’ grand opening on Saturday. Watched the baseball game. In Pittsburgh this time + glory be – The Pirates won. Everything clicked + it was lovely to see. Mary Jean called to say goodbye at 11. I went out to the Safeway + got groceries + money orders + to Sprouse Reitz for some white wool. Went to Post office to register a letter for Ana + then to the Blvd to pick up my copies of applause from Ann Hall. Mentioned I was going to be on [crossed out letter] “Smith Family” tomorrow + she called up Eddie + he told me to come down + be on his show. Was + he gave me 5 or 6 minutes. Ann came down too. As we were leaving I asked her about the snake + she just laughed. Minutes later as I was turning into B. Dalton’s I heard running feet and it was Ann – The snake (a Python) had been found 15 minutes before sound asleep on a cat walk!!!! Funny visit with Elaine who’s just bought some land – + then home. Dick asleep + drunk in his chair by the record player. I was furious. He asked me to sit on his lap + I said no. He then went off to bed. I read + knitted + ate dinner Alone again (he woke but wouldn’t eat) then he went out. Ana + Armando went to take Alice’s TV back. Dick came back + back to bed + when Ana + Armando came home I got drunk + thoroughly so. Do not remember going to bed. Jack + Joyce back from vacation.