Orioles won – 11-3

Fake Columbus Day. Up pretty early. Dick off about 9 o’clock. I settled in to watch the baseball game. It was a rout and a disaster The Pirates left men on in every inning but didn’t score until Robertson hit a three run homer in the 8th + by then it was too late. I knitted on the Michels blanket (finished 3 sqs. during the day.) Dick home a little drunk about 1:00 – just as I was getting ready to meet Mary Jean. We had a few words. At the moment he’s going through a bad time from both a morale + a health point of view. I paid our mortgage + went to the bank + put $350.00 in our savings acct. Met Mary Jean at the Sahara + we went over to Circus Circus and stayed a couple of hours. Saw 5 acts, had a hot dog + beer + played a couple of keno tickets, then we went over to the Riviera for a last bout of 21. Didn’t have much time but each won $10 so our whole day was paid for. Whee. Signed a composite for her “to the hot shot 21 player from The Big Wig” + said good bye. Went + got some groceries + was home by 5:15. Dick quite drunk + asleep in the chair. Went to bed so I knit + read a new Ngaio Marsh Had nice diet dinner. Dick up + had a hamburger We watched some of Cat on a hot tin roof. Bed about 10:30. Phone rang at 12:30 + it was Mary all upset She + Les going to get a divorce (?) I was so obviously asleep that she said she’d call tomorrow + hung up. Dick made several remarks that kept me awake for another 40 minutes or so –