ball game rained out

woke earlyish – wrote a few days diary – had a little breakfast + read the Sunday funnies in bed + made love. Mary Jean + John called at eleven. Dick went over to get them and I went to the Safeway for some snappy tom Bloody Mary Mix and a few other items – they really liked our house + M.J. says she’s going to tell Drue she has to come at Christmas time. They were also “very impressed” with how well Little + Newman behave!!! Dick made cheese omelets and a good time was had by all. Several Bloody Marys + then switched to wine coolers. We took them down to see the store and then back to the Sahara for another reception. The ball game was rained out today. We went on to Frank’s + lost $30 on the stupid slot machines. Had one wine cooler there + then began to feel a little sick. We came home + I had some coffee. Watched some TV. I called Leon + also Mary to find out what if anything had happened with Susan yesterday. We went to bed very early + I woke up around 11 pm with a really ghastly hangover. Took alka seltzer + aspirins but nothing helped. Was cranky + miserable + couldn’t get back to sleep. We did some exercises + Dick rubbed my back + finally around one or so I drifted off.