Pittsburgh lost 3-5

We dawdled around in bed. Had coffee, made love + then the phone rang. It was Mary Jean! Newmont had paid her way – So pleased. Dick had to got out on several jobs so after going over a shopping list with Ana I went to the Sahara to meet M.J. for lunch. Saw the last of the first world Series game in her room. Pittsburgh lost 3-5 John out somewhere so we left a note for him (“at the gaming tables with Patience”) when we finished lunch. I’d given Mary Jean a few pointers about 21 during lunch + said I’d treat her to $10 worth of singles. No $1 table with 2 vacancies however so I sat at a $5.00 table + got a little ahead + put one down for Mary Jean. She never got behind. I did go down $60 but by the time we stopped playing I’d won $135 + M.J. had won $209. She was so excited that it was great. John came in + couldn’t believe it. Made us stop. I’d called Dick + he’d said not to lose the money but also “Stay as long as like, Darling, + have a good time” So when M.J. + John went upstairs I did stay another hour + won $20 more. Home at 5:30 + Dick furious with me. Oh dear. I had not been drinking but he’d had a bottle of wine – Went out to get another. Ana fixed a lovely diet dinner but Dick wouldn’t eat. Although he did cool off + became very pleasant. I paid Ana + put $100 in my desk drawer + still had $120 in my wallet. We called Jimmy Judge + picked up M.J. + John at the Sahara + went over to the Stardust. Dick + John went to the bar + M.J. + I played more 21 + each won about $45. Then Dick took some of my winnings + lost them – went off with M.J. + John + while he was gone I won it all back + then some. Paged him on the house phone + we left $80 richer than when we went. Took a cab home + picked up a bottle of wine – One night cap + bed.