Woke on Mary’s livingroom couch. Saw Sue + Bob (the latter radiating disapproval) before they went out. Had coffee with Mary + long talk. I don’t care for Bob, feel he’s very bad for Sue + has absolutely squelched her personality – no sense of fun or gaiety whatsoever. Mary feels he’s a real repeat on Allen + I agree. They came back + took all their things in the land rover – going over to Joy’s. Mary + I went to the L.A. furniture mart. We covered [crossed out letter] 4 floors or so and I found a few things that I think we could handle beautifully. A line called “[crossed out word] Barrel Craft,” and some real novelty items at a place I asked to send their catalogue. Went by Grumer Monehan + got their rattan + wicker literature We had lunch downstairs + talked at length + then went through about 4 more floors. Really quite a day + with hangovers too. Went back to Leon’s for a nap. Packed + put in some panti-hose + “basis” soap which he’d left out on the table. Did not take the cookies + candies. We went over to Leon’s office to say goodbye. Had to wait for him a while + then it was not an easy process. Got back to Babette a little after six where Les filled us in on the ghastly details of last night. Evidently Susan + Bob came back while Mary + I were sloshing down the wine and [crossed out word] could have heard me saying that I didn’t think their relationship was going to work out. Grand. I’ve really contributed to the success of their visit. Thank God they didn’t come to Las Vegas. I bought Les + Mary dinner at the Hungry Tiger (to “work off some guilt as quickly as possible”) Dick met me at the airport. Told me he’s going to get someone in to audit the books while Shirley’s gone. Sheldon Andelson [crossed out word] sending someone so it won’t be local + Shirley will never know. I hope to God she doesn’t + even more I hope to God nothing turns up. We came home + then went out to Frank’s Lost about $30 in the slot machine + then came back here.