Up at 6 – washed up a bit, put on a facial, wrote diary etc. Left at 7:00. Leon gave me bread + wine for Mary + Les. Watched Yvonne, Marilyn + Janet in their Las Vegas costumes do the final scene. Like going to see your friends graduate. Nice hair dresser named Ruby who made my short hair look better than I’d have thought possible. Negro Grip named Collins who came over + said Hello – remembered me from last time. Virginia Oldman brought a copy of “Fabulous” – a L.V. Magazine. She’s a funny lady Sang “Ramona” + brought the house down. We started working on our first scene around eleven o’clock. Word? all so good we had to try to be bad. Not that it was that difficult. Ate lunch with Marilyn Hare + Clare Newell. Virginia came by + loved the umbrella. Ed Hartman dropped over + said Hello to all. We didn’t finish shooting until a little after 6 o’clock. Was exhausted Got out to Mary’s a bit after seven. Sue there looking very sweet but exceedingly thin. Bob is an odd guy with as Les later said, alot of reserve hostility. I tried to make some contact but got the feeling very strongly that I was not a useful person fulfilling an important (or even necessary) function. Maybe impart because I had too much wine or what I had went straight to my head. Sue extremely uptight – dropped + broke a salad fork + it was the end of the world. Dick called + we had nice chat before dinner. Dinner was a shrimp salad prepared by Sue. (the shrimps a huge concession to the meat eaters) It was bland + blah. They (Sue + Bob) went out + Mary + I drank pots of wine and the whole end of the evening is a blur dissolving into a blank. I did call Leon to tell him I was spending the night. Met nice character actress Mon? Margetts?