Pittsburg has the nat’l league pennant – Sob –

Up at 6:30 – wrote a few days diary, went thru the dance routine + then tried an exercise or two + could barely move. Got to the studio at 9. Wore my black tights + am glad I did as Thelma changed her mind and I’ll be wearing them in the show now. We went through the routine 6 or 7 times before Janet Blair joined us. She heard the music once and said it was too slow + should be speeded up. I was just as glad when she got talked out of it. It must be a little difficult for her when she’s a consummate dancer to have to go through all this jazz with a bunch of lumps. Rehearsal over about 12:30. Stopped by Virginia’s office but she wasn’t there. Hope I’ll see her tomorrow. Went by Thrifty mart + picked up some wine and needle + thread. Was listening to the Giant-Pirates game. It was 5-5 when I tuned in but went downhill from there. By the time I was in Hollywood it was 9-5. Bought some shields + a couple of paperback mysteries + came back to Leon’s unbelievably hot. Read, wrote a little diary + fixed salad + potatos + got things ready for dinner. Dick called. He’d had a couple of drinks while he watched the game Oh God I’d hoped he was going to make it. Not that he sounded at all drunk but he either goes all the way or he’s going to be stuck with all that extra weight Leon home about 6:10. Caro + Jack Jones came separately some time after seven. Very pleasant meal + everything was eaten. I called Mary to say I might be late tomorrow night as it’s going to be a long, long, day. Call at 7:30.