The giants lost – Pittsburgh leading 2-1

The Orioles swept the play off series.

Woke about six or so. Got up a bit later wrote some back diary, looked at script, did a few half hearted exercises, had 3 cups of coffee + puttered about. Left Leon’s about 8:15. Stopped + got some wrapping paper and a tape measure wrapped Virginias present. Stage 18 at 9. Joan Stevens who’s very nice our “choreographer” she’s a former rockette but way out of practice + breath. Yvonne White (who married Walter Brooks) Selette Cole, Virginia O’Brien + Marilyn [crossed out word] all here The other 4. All nice + the steps weren’t hard. The music Thank God is “Give my regards to Broadway.” about the only thing in the world I could dance to! We rehearsed about 2 1/2 hours with many breaks + that was it Left Virginia’s present with Claire Newell + the two copies of Applause for Caro Went + picked up booze for Timmy + groceries for Leon. Listened to the game on my way back + watched the end on Leon’s TV. Called Leon at two + Al Trasconi (?) had hand delivered our letter + the book to Dick Martin. Now all we can do is wait. I called Betty Lamb + brought her up to date on Harold + I Called Dick, + told him about his “coup.” And if he had been drinking he’d never have noticed. He’s lost a pound + his ankles have gone down. Caught up about 10 days diary (about 50 days blank although I have some notes.) Called Mary + spoke with Sue. Went to Timmy’s for dinner. His place looks very nice and we had a very pleasant evening. Lovely protein-type dinner of liver + green vegetables. I drank a split of wine period. We talked alot, he has some good new writing ideas + we watched Mod Squad + Sarge. I got back to Leon’s about 9:40. Caro Jones impressed with the magazines + Virginia loved her present. Watched a little more TV + then to bed – very stiff.