The Oakland A’s lost their 2nd

Paid Pecos property taxes. Up pretty early. Dick off at 7:30 I [crossed out letter] left at 8 – went to office then to Golden Venus for my fifth wrap. It took forever this am but the results are good – 3 inches from the waist 2 1/2 hips – 2 thighs and 2 1/2 under bust as well as a little sliced off here + there. Went to bank to deposit Jim Parker’s check + Valley bank to cash some money for L.A. – By then almost 11. Got some groceries + came home in a tizzy. Dick there + very good + understanding + I began to quiet down. Got packed. shaved legs. had a little lunch. Dick called Dr. Bentley who told him to stop drinking if he wants to lose weight + Dick said he would. He took me to the airport – fast smooth flight. Mary met me + we had coffee at the house + then in separate cars went to the yarn shop. I bought $43 worth of mohair – stoles for me, Shirley, Mary Jean + Luise + an undecided. Drove out to Geo Spicer’s house (about 40 miles) for a haircut. Liked their house + nice to see Judy again. Got back to Leon’s about 6:45. Dick called at 7 – Hadn’t had a drink. Wow! Leon didn’t have anything but a bottle of wine + we shared half of it. Spoke with Bill Tregoe, Magda + Scott + Jules Levine whose girl friend just died. Dick called again to say he’d been watching Laugh In + someone had said “The Lion is busy” + Dick Martin had said “someone ought to write a book about that” so Leon + I composed a letter + he’s going to take a copy over tomorrow!