Up early + read the Sunday papers. Were on our way back to bed when Jim Parker got up so we stayed up + I fixed breakfast – Jim had to leave a little before 10 o’clock. Dick went to the store + I went for my 4th wrap. Gave Debbie Alice’s number as she’s looking for a room Home at one o’clock + watched the Giants-Pirates game. The Giants lost, alas – [crossed out letter] 9-4. I wish they’s left McMahon in as pitcher. It’s now tied 1 all + on to Pittsburgh. Oakland + Vida Blue lost to the Orioles. We went back to bed for a while and then had dinner (diet for me) + watched “To Sir with Love.” Charming movie. After I got together some clothes to take to L.A. Wish I were 10 lbs thinner. but God bless the wraps! A week ago I couldn’t have worn anything I own Bed about 11 – Don’t even remember falling to sleep I was so tired.

One bright spot of game – Willie Mays hit a 2 run home in the 9th