Wrapped book for George + left house about 8:30 for Juvenile Busy morning setting up files on new members. Nice to see everyone again Left at noon. Stopped by the store. Went to P.O. + mailed book. Went to Golden Venus for wrap + then cleaners + Safeway. Home about 3:30 Dick at the house. Ana gave me a manicure. Which took a long time but looks nice. Called Izzy who may be coming to L.V. sometime soon. Invited Jim Daniels for dinner tomorrow night. Spoke with Harold Stern The 4th edition will be out next weds. + a money man has gotten interested. The next 3 weeks will tell the tale. We went to bed very early – Harold asked me to call Betty Lamb in L.A. It will be a pleasure.

The funny little dog that showed up last night had left in the A.M.

Dr. Richman’s bill for $1350 came – Cheez! $1200 my implant!