terrible wind + sand storm.

Went to Breakfast at the Blvd + sat with Alice + Ruth Hazard + another Lady. The place jammed – A marvelous group of ladies with crazy instruments performed (from the Assoc of retired persons) Gave Eddie + Ann our 2 copies of Applause to look at + maybe give me some ideas. Stopped by B. Dalton’s but Elaine not there. Bought “The Custer Myth” for Annie and 2 gorgeous SKira books on Modern Art for me. Went to the Golden Venus for a wrap. Saw Gloria who convinced me I should start in on a regular program as soon as these wraps are over. Also decided to get a series of 10 instead of just 5 as it’s much cheaper. Lost 11 1/2 inches today but am not going to measure again til Monday. Went to the International + won $65 at 21. Then went to Sprouse Reitz for wool + the safeway for groceries. Jimmy Judge came for dinner and we had a relaxed pleasant evening. He introduced us to the Race Book Football ticket and I made a $5 bet on 6 college teams. Little seems fully recovered today.

The Giants won over San Diego tonight + so have the Western Division title