Mailed Daddy his new shirts

Paid P+C construction today $362.00 which seems alot but I guess it’s fair. Wrote James a birthday card with check + told him I’d treat him + Jean to tickets for Company if he’d just contact Annie. Wrote Daddy a fairly long letter catching him up with the major news items. Called Nevada Power about our bill + they agreed to look into it. Went to the International + played blackjack for a while when I was $60 ahead I left. Went by the office + then over to the Hospital to pay off Ana’s bill + to Panorama to buy some Lobster tails for tomorrow night. Came home to find my script and a note from Virginia saying the only wardrobe I needed was leotards + dance practice clothes (shorts etc) for “the dance routine”. Just about died + made appt for eleven tomorrow at the Golden Venus for a wrap – Quiet evening. Finished Sue’s stole

Dick weighed 194 today + he’s worried. Thank God. Jack + Joyce start their vacation tomorrow.