I took both dogs along with Ana + Jeffrey to Carol Whitmoyer in Border City – Took Little in first + Carol said she’s 5 1/2 months + could be spayed so I left her. Then she examined New Man + took a slide test on his skin sores. Suggest thyroid pills, cortizone to stop the itching and a new shampoo to be used every other day until it clears up. We got home about 11:30 – Mary called to give me Susan’s current address so I sent her a straight telegram asking her to call tonight or tomorrow night. called Alice, C.S.G + P+C construction. Worked on the stole all afternoon + read. Dick called at one point + had been drinking. I went out + got Little at 4:30. She had her dew claws removed + a tooth pulled as well as a hysterectomy so was drugged to the gills + very groggy. Came home + put her basket in the livingroom. Dick asleep in his chair. Sue called + I’ll see her in L.A. next week. Told her Mary had sounded very disappointed that she wasn’t staying with her. An hour later Mary called + said “What did you say to Sue? She is going to stay with me after all!” I’d said hardly nothing but it worked out just right. How nice. Finished Sue’s stole except for the fringe. Should be done tomorrow