Got started fairly early today. Called Pinecraft + told them to cancel the other 2 chairs. Called Carol Whitmoyer + made appt for Newman + Little. Mary called + when asked said she’d like 2 wedgewood “blue grape” teacups + saucers. Also suggested I send a nightliter to Sue to head her off. She + Les can lend me a car this next trip. Whee! I might actually make a little money this trip. Called a few places + may get the Wedgewood at Slavicks. Called Timmy + made date for next Tuesday. Called office + chatted with Shirley. Paid Hollywood Roosevelt, sent Authors’ Aid to Timmy and wrote a covering letter to Snix with his record. Helped Ana unpack, Laid out my blanket for The Michels’es (30 more squares – Good God!) Sent nightletter to Sue and flowers to Marge Sullivan who’s in the hospital. Went to the Post office, to the cleaners, to Bank of Nevada to deposit Rae’s check + residuals + to Valley Bank to withdraw cash for Ana’s salary + expenses. Also sent Leon’s commission. Back to the house around 4 – knitted on Sue’s stole and finished [crossed out letter] Scott Fitzgerald. Dick home drunk which bugged me as we’d talked so much about on “The Wagon time.” Jimmy Judge over for brief visit + we asked him for dinner on Thursday – I’m glad to be home.