woke a little hungover but happy to be home. Lay around + made love and then had breakfast. I decided to try + make a dent in the bills. My wrist (or hand) better every passing day and I wrote out 10 checks + signed 3 other papers etc without too much trouble and not illegibly although it was alot slower than usual. We sent $500 to Harold for “Facade” money + paid exterminator, Hayes service, phone bill (only one overseas call registered!) American Express – (The [crossed out letters] last “Smith Family” Trip.) Bank Americard for my yarn, a couple of union dues + subscriptions. We spoke with Ed + Casey + when we’d got alot done, went over there around 5:30 or so. Drank alot of wine + then we all played pool. Really fun and I wish we did it more often – The Ashby’s evidently very upset about the big new house going up on their left. A Bud Yates (I think) is building. It’s going to be quite a place. Came home, had TV dinners, watched a little television + went to bed.