An in between day – part mist part watery sunlight. Went to church + as always really appreciated Bob Thurston’s service. Co joined us. Later both Dick + I agreed we ought to go to church in Las Vegas. Russell came over + he + Co + Dick + Daddy + I had Sherry. Anth with Russell we all got a little silly + laughed a lot. John + Lorna’s niece is being married today on the beach so Alaria was off bounds. – Dick, Daddy + I went down to Colby Point for a picnic lunch with Jim, Hil, the Children and Mrs Patterson. It was a pleasant lunch – Daddy + Mrs. P. left very early then Jim + David, Hilary + Susan stayed Dick and I took the canoe out + paddled around the point came back + had a beer. Dick had quite a few. Eileen Bristol came by + we visited. Finally I went in swimming – water cold and, in the sudden deeps, icy. The others all came down + it was nice to see them. We packed up about 4. Had to bathe + dress to go to the Downeys. The weather suddenly unbearably hot. Such a pretty drive to Springfield. The party in honor of Denny’s daughter Jill + her french husband Eric. Had a very good time with them + with Lida Roberts + just about everyone. Once again Daddy + Mrs. P left early. Dick got really very drunk and I drove home, following Jim + Hil [crossed out letter]. Lost them at one point but picked up the trail. Stopped off at Barnview to let them know we were okay. Home + bed.