Up about 10. Dick disgruntled that the Woodstock plans seemed to fall apart. Hilary couldn’t get a babysitter and Colby decided not to go and then Russell changed his mind – Dick felt everyone had “backed out” and when the trip started he was a little disagreeable but after a nap in the back of the car that smoothed over. A misty sort of day but still warm + the drive is lovely. Very impressed with the remodeled Woodstock Inn. After went into an arts + crafts shop but didn’t find anything I wanted. Dick picked up a replacement bottle of cointreau for Daddy. I did most of the driving. Home about 3 o’clock – went over to Alaria + took the boat out. Didn’t change into my suit but enjoyed every bit of the cold spray. We’ve decided to go to Philadelphia next Friday in time for Mom’s birthday + spend the weekend. [crossed out word] We went home + changed + went with Daddy down to Gen’s. Gen not there but came soon after. Had several drinks and, to me, a fascinating conversation about Colby College, The Board of Trustees + Ev Woodman’s short comings as a business man + Newcomb’s resignation. Home for a good dinner, Jim [crossed out words] came over to discuss a young couple for the cottage. He’s a teacher this year in Sunapee + they’re looking for a place to stay in exchange for chores – Bed at a reasonable hour.