Dick up before me but I followed fairly soon. About 10 o’clock. He mailed Scotty’s sweater while I wrote postcards. Ethel gave Daddy a funny card + some after shave lotion Light lunch + then Dick + I went over to Alaria + took out the motor boat. Another glorious day + we had a glorious time – went around the two islands which I think I’d even forgotten were there. We were out about an hour and a half. Came back + helped Colby clean up the house. Anthony + David came over + there was a sharp + funny exchange as Anthony changed into his tennis things + took off without helping to clean up (his promised contribution!) We went back to New London via the cemetary + I put a few pine cones on Mother’s grave. Was upset to find Marilou’s marker way in a far corner of the lot + with it’s back to the family marker. Ostracized it seemed to me in death as in life. A care taker came over + chatted (last name Colby) so not much chance to cry which was just as well. Home + got dressed – long skirt. Bob Bass came just as we were leaving. He + Jim had just suffered a tennis defeat at the hands of Dave + Anth. Brief visit as we were on our way to Alaria. Turned out to be a perfect party. The Roast + Co’s avocado dish perfect but the high spot was some baby corn. Dick ate 6 ears! Daddy delighted with all his presents. Each one as soon as it was opened had to be put in the car. Jim + Hil took him home around 9:30 or 10 o’clock + we stayed on for another poker bout. Dropped Daddy’s bottle of cointreau on the driveway when we came home in the wee hours.